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Canadian Used Car Dealer News

Top 5 Car Dealer Frustrations and How A Dealer Management System (DMS) Can Help

Auto dealers are constantly dealing with frustrations. It could be a difficult customer or…

Supporting your auto dealership team

Managing used car dealership salespeople can be tricky. Here are some top tips, so you can get the most from your team!

Keys to starting a car dealership

If you're new to the auto industry, you should make sure to take advantage of the UCDA and OMVIC…

How to grow automotive sales

Growing used car dealer sales can be tough. Sometimes it’s best to remember the basics…

How A DMS Saves You Time

With many providers on the market, it’s important to first decide what you and your team need from…

Why Communication is Important in the Car Dealer Industry

Are you using an auto dealer website provider, or trying to do on your own? There are advantages…

Resparking Past Customers

Selling to past customers should be a priority for every used car dealer!

Making Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes - even used car dealers...

Running Effective Meetings

Car dealers need to run effective team meetings just like anyone else...

Successful People

How to become a successful used car dealer!

Improving Communication Skills

Good communication is at the core to every successful used car dealership...

Managing Employee Burnout

To know if burnout is near or is happening, watch for changes in yourself or in your employees

Instilling Confidence When the Future is Uncertain

Instilling confidence when the future is uncertain at your used car dealership is tough...

New hire orientation icebreakers that actually work

Ice breakers for Canadian used car dealers

Car Gadgets and Accessories - Great Gift Ideas

Holiday car gadgets & accessories gift ideas for user car dealers

Best Drone Shots for Car Videos

Best Drone Shots for Used Car Dealers

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