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How A DMS Saves You Time

By: Natascia Vervena
April 21, 2021 1:06 PM

A pile of papers lay strewn all over your office desk, more documents are shoved in your drawers, others scattered throughout your notebook. As a mom and pop auto dealership where you handle every aspect of the job, you have no time to organize all this. You can’t afford to hire the amount of staff that national dealerships have and are currently without a system to sort your auto dealership out the way you envision.

Organization is essential to success in business. So, what do you do when you don’t have the time or money to get everything on track? How do you get your dealership to where it needs to be? A dealer management system (DMS) can save you a massive amount of time so you can stay on top of your work.

The Search is Over, and the Sale is On

Stop scouring through tons of different reports, trying to analyze your costs and profits. With Canadian auto dealer software like Dealerpull’s DMS you can manage your cash flow, view quarterly and year-end reports, and create your budgets all from one platform.

Are you tired of wasting time searching for that vehicle that your customer is interested in? Customers might get fed up with waiting and you could lose a sale if it takes you too long to find. Instead, a dealer management system (DMS) has your real-time inventory list so you know exactly what vehicles are available. Photos, pricing, mileage, and descriptions are accessible through this cloud-based software.

Your Canadian auto dealer software has the capabilities to keep track of what work needs to be done on every vehicle. When a vehicle is being serviced, you can monitor the progress so you know exactly when it can be driven off the lot. Knowing when a vehicle is ready for the customer will help you get the sale in almost no time at all. Wouldn’t you want to make a sale as fast as you can? The more sales you get, the better success the auto dealership will see. Further still, every bit of information in the DMS is viewable by all your departments so no one is left out of the loop.

Increase your leads with the customer profile CRM. The DMS’ ability to pull up digital documents on past customers and current leads allows you to know exactly what type of vehicle they are looking for. Never miss an opportunity to stay in touch with your customers. With the particular of every vehicle in the palm of your hand, you are better equipped to make a sale.

Reduce Duplications and Mistakes

Duplicate data entry and mistakes can cost you a hefty amount of time. First, you have to find the duplication or error then figure out how to correct it. This time takes you away from your real work, selling vehicles.

A dealer management system (DMS) has integrations to cut down on mistakes and help eliminate duplicate data. Third party integrations with companies including Autotrader, Sirius XM, and Lubrico Warranty make it easy to know the information already in your system. This reduces any misinformation or duplication before it becomes a problem. There is no further need for you to check paperwork or use a variety of different software from third parties to verify the entry is correct. Everything you need is seamlessly connected to keep you in the know.

Keep on Top of Your Work from Anywhere

You might be unable to come into the dealership, but you need information as soon as possible. In order to stay on top of your work and eliminate wasted time driving to your office, a cloud- based dealer management system (DMS) can solve the problem. You can work from anywhere without having to physically connect to your in-office computer system. All your data is stored in the cloud-based software allowing you to access it from across the street or world. Never be away from your business again. Not only does this help you save time, but it offers you the opportunity to make a sale from anywhere.

Going digital really will benefit your dealership. So, get rid of those papers causing an unnecessary mess in your place of work and take time to focus on what’s important for your business. With a dealer management system (DMS) you will have the time to think clearly and extra time for success.


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