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Why Communication is Important in the Car Dealer Industry

By: Natascia Vervena
April 22, 2022 12:51 PM

Communication is extremely important in any relationship because it allows you to work through issues and understand the other person. Now, think of your car dealership. Communication is just as important in your workplace as your personal life. You are dealing with customers and staff members on a constant basis. Understanding what is going on and what you can do to fix errors helps each department maximize effectiveness and ensure success.

Canadian car dealer software is your step forward into fluid communication. Using modern technology like the Dealerpull management software gives you a platform for open conversation. Let’s delve deeper into the importance of communication in your car dealership.

Less Chance for Errors

When all departments can communicate with each other there is less chance for missteps to happen.

Your sales, service, and administration departments all work in various areas of your auto dealership. The sales department might be ready to sell a car, but the service technicians are still working on getting the right tires on, and administration has completed writing up the selling price without knowing an extra fix was needed so didn’t make an adjustment in the costs. What a mess right?

A system such as Dealerpull management software provides all departments access to every detail on each vehicle. This access allows every dealership member to communicate with each other in real-time, keeping everyone informed on what is going on. Notes on repairs, pricing, and the status of a vehicle allows everyone working on this task to know when they can move forward with accurate up-to-date information.

Seamless Transaction

Customer satisfaction is the lifeline of your dealership and without flowing communication, this is not possible. Make sure your entire team is aware of what the buyer is looking for and where they are at in the buying process. Buying a car is one of the most valuable purchases in someone’s life so make the process smooth for your customers. How?

A DMS like the Dealerpull management software which helps you keep track of past purchases, customer preferences, and contact information. It allows your team to touch base with your customer at regular intervals and follow up with them after a vehicle has been purchased. If a customer hasn’t bought a car yet, you can keep them informed on the make and model they are looking for when it comes in stock. When your service, sales, and administration departments communicate as a team it makes for seamless transactions for every vehicle driven off the lot.

Maximize Effectiveness

As an auto dealer, it is vital to maximize effectiveness so that the time you spend working on a deal ends in a sale. Vehicles are no light-weight investment for your dealership. You want to minimize the time a car spends in your inventory to maximize your profit. Each step from buying a car to servicing it and getting it ready for your customer needs to have fluid communication. Your Canadian car dealer software can keep everyone in the loop throughout the vehicle’s journey. With communication flowing between your departments, the end results are happy customers. With Dealerpull management software you can add notes along the way to highlight what is important to your customer. Follow-up is quick and easy with everything you need to know all in one place.

Knowledge of the Ideal Vehicles to Stock

When you communicate with your car dealer team you know what vehicles are best to stock. How? The sales team knows what vehicles are in demanded and selling quickly. Your service team understands which cars are costly to fix therefore not worthy to bring in. All this information can be passed on to every department in your dealership so that you know what vehicles are more likely to provide a profitable sale. How do you pass along this important information to your dealership members? With a dealer management system.

Take the time to really communicate with your employees and clients so that you fully understand each other’s needs. Make your dealership stand out in a positive light by implementing a DMS to keep operations and communication flowing smoothly for the benefit of your workers and clients.


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