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Successful People

Morgan Gregory
June 7, 2022 10:58 AM

Successful people are not born, they are made. Anyone can become successful, or become more successful, by making a few key ideas and habits part of their every day routine. Of the many tips out there, the most effective are 

  • being comfortable being uncomfortable
  • building relationships
  • being consistent

Being comfortable being uncomfortable

People do not like to be uncomfortable. We put a lot of effort into avoiding change, avoiding making mistakes and avoiding failure, when we should be putting effort into being adaptable and embracing our errors.   

Successful people are adaptable. They do not try to avoid change, they welcome or even embrace it. Every workplace is dynamic, especially the often unpredictable nature of a car dealership, so being comfortable adapting to whatever comes your way is vital to being successful. 

Successful people are also comfortable with the discomfort of making mistakes or even with failure. Treating a mistake as an opportunity for learning transforms the mistake into future success⁴ because the next time you face a similar situation you will know what to do, or at least what not to do. Even failure should be embraced with a positive attitude - negativity almost never leads to success, whereas positivity often does¹. 

Building Relationships

In all areas of life, a person who focuses on building relationships is a successful person. Connecting with people in genuine ways and striving to treat people well leads to trust and to strong, lasting relationships. 

Successful people build relationships by being genuine². Most of us are wary when we first meet someone, especially someone whose job is to sell us a shiny new car. By being open and honest, trust will be earned more quickly, and trust is a solid, lasting foundation for a relationship. In the automotive industry, a strong relationship leads to short term and long term success – customers become repeat customers when they trust⁵ a salesperson or a dealership.  

Treating people well is another way to build relationships that lead to success. It’s easy to treat people we like well¹, but opportunities for success can be found in the relationships that we work hard to create. Start working hard and smart right away by asking “How can I help?” instead of “Can I help?” Adding the word ‘how’ invites a person to share what they need from you⁶, making them more comfortable, and the relationship more successful, immediately. 

Being consistent

Consistency is very important to success. By being consistent you have a positive impact on the people around you and you become more goal oriented instead of reward oriented. 

People like to know what to expect from others. Some people are even more comfortable around negative or difficult people, as long as they are consistent, than they are around those who are inconsistent and unpredictable³. Be consistent and you will find that people respond to you more positively. 

You will also become more successful as a person by being consistent. Human beings are easily distracted and often focus too much on long term rewards³. Create attainable goals and stick to the daily habits that will make them happen. And make sure important decisions are made with reason and logic not with feelings, which can change often and quickly¹. 

A Final Tip

Being comfortable being uncomfortable, building relationships, and being consistent are keys to becoming a successful person, but working in a well organized space is important too⁴. Maximize success by carefully arranging your space and your materials, and don’t forget your technology - Dealerpull offers excellent automotive software to help with dealer management, customer relations management (CRM), inventory management and service shop management. Grab some Dealerpull automotive software, organize your space, reread this article and you are well on your way to more and greater success.


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