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Making Mistakes

Morgan Gregory
May 18, 2022 3:10 PM

Making Mistakes

We all make mistakes, and we all make mistakes at work. Though they are inevitable, with attention to a few key ideas and a bit of effort in the right places, every mistake - big or small - can end up being a valuable opportunity.

  • Focus on what you can control
  • Organize yourself and your work effectively

Focus on what you can control

Most of us are afraid of making mistakes, especially at work, so it makes sense that when an error happens we get emotional, we worry, and - worst of all - sometimes we try to cover it up¹. These initial reactions can make matters worse and are not at all helpful because they focus on things that are not under our control.

Instead, when a mistake happens, move your focus to what you can control. First, acknowledge the mistake. It may not be easy, but it is amazing how much relief comes just from taking responsibility for an error. After that, work hard to make amends and to grow.

  • Meet with those your mistake impacted - fellow employees, a manager or boss¹. 
  • Offer an apology and listen to what those involved have to offer². 
  • Make a plan to improve so the same mistake does not happen again and monitor your progress³. 

Taking these steps can be difficult, so do not be afraid to ask the right people - a manager, a colleague with more experience, someone you trust - for help. Treating a mistake as an opportunity and focusing on what you can control can lead to growth and learning that will improve your life and your career. 

Organize yourself and your work effectively

Mistakes are normal and you can learn from them, but no one wants to make too many too often. Organizing yourself and your work space well are great ways to limit the number and the severity of the mistakes you make.

One of the most effective ways to get organized is by using available technology⁴. If you are a car dealer or used car dealer, Dealerpull offers automotive management software that can save you time and limit mistakes by helping to organize your inventory and synchronize different departments, such as service and sales. Dealerpull’s service shop management software is perfect for managing calendars, price lists, job orders, and invoices. 

Adopting new supportive technology is key to getting organized and limiting mistakes, but so is making sure to create effective habits. These include using checklists, carefully reviewing your work, and giving your full attention to what you are doing⁵. Every job demands that you do many, many different tasks throughout a day, and errors are reduced when full attention is given to each task as it happens.

A final way to become more organized is to get some high quality training that will help you do your job well. And if you are a manager, supporting your auto dealership team with some quality training can work wonders for minimizing errors and boosting your team’s morale.  

Focus on what you can control, organize yourself and your work space using supportive technology and effective habits, and give your full attention to each task - you will still make mistakes, but you will make fewer of them and you will be improving yourself and your career along the way.


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