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The Benefits of Hiring People (without) Related Experience

Morgan Gregory
February 8, 2023 5:50 PM

The Benefits of Hiring People (without) Related Experience

As the manager or owner of a car dealership, hiring workers is an important part of your job. A business thrives when you surround yourself with good people who have the necessary skills. Yet you may be surprised to learn that your dealership, and you yourself, can benefit from hiring people with little to no automotive industry experience. 

Workers without related experience usually work harder, are more eager to learn, and are more likely to become loyal, long-term employees. And those with no experience at all can bring those benefits and a few others, particularly for you as a leader. Read on to find out how hiring people without related experience can reinvigorate your dealership and may even create a culture of innovation and curiosity. 

The benefits of experienced workers 

It is obvious that you need workers with experience at your car dealership. Senior positions require industry experience,¹ and it is likely that most roles in your automotive dealership will be filled with experienced workers. A finance manager needs education and experience, and you may want someone skilled with technology to be the go-to person for the Dealerpull automotive software you use to organize your sales, inventory, and service department. 

Yet some experienced workers, even very good ones, can become a bit stuck in their ways. They will use effective methods and get the job done, yes, but usually without any breakthrough ideas.² Hiring a few people without experience is an effective way to shake things up and bring many benefits to your dealership. 

The benefits of the new hire without industry experience 

New hires without industry experience bring many benefits to your auto dealership. From hard work and adaptability to fresh insights and loyalty, people without industry experience can surprise you and give new life to your dealership. 

A new hire without industry experience will work hard. They will be eager to prove that you made the right decision¹, that they deserve the job you took a chance to give them.³ And motivation⁵ can spread, giving new energy to your entire staff.

Also, a person without industry experience will be eager to learn³ and will ask a lot of questions.² Their questions will be fresh and new and can lead to new ways of thinking about how you do things.¹ Even better, new hires will help to make asking questions part of the daily life of your automotive dealership – a staff with a habit of asking questions becomes more curious and more innovative. 

Another benefit of hiring workers without industry experience is that they will be more adaptable.¹ They are open to feedback because they want to know how to do things in the automotive industry.⁵ Such flexibility and receptiveness are welcome additions to your staff, and these traits allow you to easily train your new hires to meet your dealership’s needs.⁵

The benefits of the new hire without any experience

You may be open to hiring a few people without industry experience, but hesitant to hire people with no experience at all. Yet hiring a person with no experience at all can bring you the same benefits of hiring a person with no industry experience and a few other benefits you may not have considered. 

It is likely that a person with no experience will be young. Adding youth to your staff has a couple of key benefits. You will be adding diversity and variety to your staff, and perhaps even the ability to navigate technology and new software, such as your Dealerpull CRM lead management software, very easily.⁶  

And don’t forget that young workers, at least at first, are paid low salaries.⁵ Sure this may change in time, but only when the worker has proven their worth – at least when you start paying more, you will know exactly what you are getting, and you will be saving money until then. 

Two benefits to you as a manager

Hiring people with no industry experience, or no experience at all, has two strong benefits for you as the owner or manager of an automotive dealership. It challenges you to improve your leadership and your hiring practices. 

You will become a more effective trainer.² These new hires will ask you questions you have not anticipated,⁶ and they will help you become more patient and more flexible as you adopt new leadership strategies to adjust to their needs.⁴ 

Your hiring practices will also benefit. It is fairly easy to choose between highly qualified candidates with a lot of experience. But how do you screen for potential?⁵ And there you go – the good questions have already started!


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