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Revving up our brand with a new logo!

Dealerpull Bot
July 14, 2023 9:48 AM

Periodic logo updates are crucial for brands to stay relevant in a constantly changing consumer landscape. Updating logos can keep up with design trends and changing tastes, reflect a company's evolving values, help differentiate from competitors, increase brand recognition, adapt to technological changes, and revitalize an aging brand. Updating a logo may seem risky, but it can actually help increase brand recognition over time. 

At least, we hope so :)

As such, we're excited to announce our logo update, with consideration of the following factors:

  1. Reflecting on our software's functions: Our team wanted to convey the concept of pushing and pulling data and information. We incorporated arrows in the logo design to represent these actions.
  2. Highlighting our expertise: Since we develop and engineer automotive software, we thought it would be fitting to include the brackets that resemble coding brackets in our new logo, emphasizing our technological expertise.
  3. Maintaining heritage: We also wanted to retain some of the heritage of our old logo, but update it to look more modern and trendy. As a result, we incorporated a box in the design to give it a more mobile app-like look.
  4. Colour selection: Finally, we chose black, red, and white as our main colour scheme because we believe these colours complement each other and look fabulous together. Additionally, red represents energy and passion, while black represents strength and sophistication! 

Overall, the new logo reflects our Automotive CRM company's commitment to delivering innovative and modern automotive software solutions to our clients. We believe the new logo will help us stand out from other dealer management system (DMS) competitors, and communicate our brand identity more effectively to our Canadian used car dealer software customers. 

Never heard of Dealerpull automotive management system? We provide Canadian used car dealers with the best automotive software. Our platform includes a suite of offerings such as:

  • Automotive Inventory Management & Syndication
  • CRM Lead Management
  • Automotive Sales and Deal Desking Solutions
  • Service Shop Lot Management System

Ask for your free automotive software demo today! 


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